ggplot2 – Data Visualization and Hypothesis in R

        r data visual           Data Visualization and Hypothesis in R

We released two new course in R that will take your data analysis skills to the next level. Introduction of ggplot2 will teach how to visualize data with one of the most popular packages in R while Hypothesis Testing shows you how to confirm the significance of your experiment data.

The importance of data visualization and hypothesis testing can’t be understated. After all, what is the point of data if you can’t persuade others the relevance of your data or if your analysis holds true beyond your data set? In addition to these lessons, we also have two new Pro exclusive projects on tracking and visualizing carbon dioxide levels and assessing the impact of blood transfusions on lifespan.

With these new new course, you will be ready to execute some sound experiments of your own and visualize your data in a compelling way.


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