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Ecommerce website development

What is eCommerce website?

Ecommerce website is an online platform where visitor can choose products, order online and get shipped to home.

Price: 1000 tk per month first year
Billed Annually

Ecommerce websites are getting popular day by day in Bangladesh. Lots of people now are searching for ecommerce website development company in Bangladesh.

What is needed to start an eCommerce website?

If you have something to sell, Here are the things needed to start an ecommerce website.

  1. Domain
    Domain is generally your company name. Domain is the address like, etc.
    By entering your domain on browser, user will be able to see your eCommerce site and select products.
    To search available domain you can visit
    Different company charge differently for domain, We offer any extension domain(.com, .net, .org) only for 1000 tk per year.
  2. Hosting
    Hosting aka web hosting is the resources where you store your website files. For ecommerce website web hosting is very important. Because ecommerce site needs lots of resources. Ordinary web hosting may slow down your site. In techvila, we provide ultra fast web hosting for ecommerce website. We manually optimize our clients site, so that site loads in seconds and get 90+ score on google page speed. We provide unlimited web hosting with unlimited bandwidth only for 500 tk per month.
  3. Content Management System
    This is the hardest thing to decide, when you think about to start an ecommerce website. There are many open sources ecommerce scripts as well as paid scripts. There are also some hosted commerce solution provider available.
  4. Payment Gateway
    To collect payment from your customer on your site, you need payment gateway. There are some international payment gateway available like paypal, stripe, 2checkout etc.
    To collect payment using local bank in bangladesh, you need to contract with third party payment gateway provider like portwallet, ssl commerze etc.
  5. SSL
    SSL makes a site secure. Without ssl, google shows unsecure badge on browser. Without ssl, it is not possible to install payment gateway. So, SSL is a must thing for an ecommerce site.

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