Three facts about Websites design & development from Scratch Course

We want to share three facts with you in the hope that you’ll decide today is the day to join over 1,000 graduates and enroll in our Websites design & development from Scratch

  • Fact: Our program goes into much greater depth than other front-end courses. If you compare our program side-by-side (and you should), you’ll discover only our program covers intermediate concepts like responsive design and CSS animations.
  • Fact: You get more practice in our program. Over the 10 weeks of our program, you’ll build 16 websites from scratch. That means that when you graduate you’ll be capable of building websites precisely and with confidence.
  • Fact: We’re Techvila. We believe in teaching the world. So our program is just 10000 BDT, much more affordable than any other front-end program you might be considering.
TECHVILA is a creative website design company based in Dhaka,Bangladesh. We specialized in developing custom responsive websites, SEO services and Branding services to small and large businesses.