Fixing the ‘Fatal Error: Uncaught TypeError’ in WordPress: Troubleshooting and Solutions

Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: call_user_func_array(): Argument #1 ($callback) must be a valid callback, class VideoPress_Divi_Extension does not have a method “admin_hook_enqueue_scripts”

The error message indicates a fatal error in WordPress installation. It appears that the class “VideoPress_Divi_Extension” is being referenced as a callback for the “admin_hook_enqueue_scripts” method, but that method doesn’t exist in the class.

To resolve this issue, you can try the following steps:

  1. Deactivate the VideoPress plugin: If you have the VideoPress plugin installed, it seems to be causing the error. You can try deactivating the plugin to see if it resolves the issue. You can do this by accessing your WordPress admin dashboard, navigating to the “Plugins” section, finding the VideoPress plugin, and clicking the “Deactivate” link.
  2. Switch to a default theme: In some cases, the issue might be related to your current theme. Temporarily switch to a default WordPress theme, such as Twenty Twenty-One, to see if the error persists. If the error is resolved with the default theme, you may need to contact the theme developer for assistance or consider using a different theme.
  3. Update plugins and themes: Ensure that all your plugins and themes are up to date. Outdated plugins or themes can sometimes cause compatibility issues, resulting in fatal errors. Check for updates in the “Plugins” and “Themes” sections of your WordPress admin dashboard and update any outdated items.
  4. Check for conflicting plugins: If you have recently installed or updated any plugins, they may be conflicting with the VideoPress plugin. Try deactivating other plugins one by one to identify if any of them are causing the issue. After each deactivation, check if the error still occurs.
  5. Contact plugin/theme support: If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, it’s best to reach out to the support team of the VideoPress plugin or the theme you’re using. Provide them with the error message and details about your WordPress setup. They should be able to assist you further in diagnosing and fixing the problem.

Remember to always keep a backup of your website before making any significant changes to your plugins, themes, or code. This ensures that you can revert back to a working state if anything goes wrong during the troubleshooting process.

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