Variation images are not showing in woocommerce products

If WooCommerce variation images are not being displayed on your website, there could be several reasons for this issue. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow:

  1. Ensure variation images are set up correctly: Check that you have assigned images to each variation in the product settings. Go to the product edit page in your WooCommerce dashboard, select the “Variations” tab, and make sure each variation has an associated image.
  2. Verify image visibility settings: Double-check that the images for variations are set to be visible on the frontend. Under each variation, click the “Edit” link next to the image thumbnail and confirm that the “Visible on the product page” option is selected.
  3. Review your theme compatibility: Some themes may have custom styling or scripts that interfere with WooCommerce’s variation image display. Temporarily switch to a default WordPress theme like Twenty Twenty-One and see if the variation images show up correctly. If they do, it indicates a theme-related issue.
  4. Check for plugin conflicts: Deactivate other plugins one by one and test if the variation images start displaying correctly. If the images appear after disabling a specific plugin, that plugin may be conflicting with WooCommerce. You can then contact the plugin’s support or seek an alternative.
  5. Clear cache and regenerate thumbnails: Sometimes, caching plugins or server caching can cause issues with image display. Clear your website’s cache, both at the server level and any caching plugins you have installed. Additionally, regenerate your WooCommerce image thumbnails using a plugin like “Regenerate Thumbnails” to ensure they are up to date.
  6. Inspect browser console for errors: Open your website in a web browser, right-click, and select “Inspect” to open the browser console. Look for any error messages related to missing images or JavaScript conflicts. These errors can provide valuable clues about the cause of the problem.
  7. Update WooCommerce and plugins: Ensure that you are using the latest versions of WooCommerce, your theme, and any related plugins. Outdated versions can sometimes have compatibility issues, so keeping everything up to date is essential.

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, you may need to seek further assistance from WooCommerce support or consult a developer who can investigate the problem more deeply within your specific website setup.

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