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Makeup Artist Studio

Bold dark web theme designed specifically for the beauty niche and makeup artists

Brandstore Pro

Engaging eCommerce template that could work perfectly for any type of online store

T-Shirts Store

The T-Shirts Store template is a young-looking eCommerce design with genuine appeal v

Innesa Perfumes

Elegant eCommerce template ideal for selling luxury items to discerning customers

Fashion Designer

Classy and sophisticated design that’s perfect for anyone in the fashion industry

Fashion Influencer

Sophisticated-looking website design that’s perfect for making a fashion statement

Jewellery Store

Beautiful website template perfect for building an online store to sell jewelry


Luxurious dark web template for selling jewellery, watches and other items online

Kate Stone – Fashion Designer

The Designer link in bio template is the Linktree alternative you’re looking for

Be Bold

Upscale eCommerce template that inspires confidence and encourages you to buy

Salon & Spa

Minimal design with a lot to say, ideal for the beauty niche and salons or spas

Online Health Coach

Perfect solution for people who want to start an online health coaching business

Pharmaceutical Company

Reassuring website design with some nice touches, ideal for pharmaceutical companies