Does Data Center Location matter for Bangladeshi website?

When you’re choosing a web hosting company on which to host and store your important data, the server specifications (RAM, processor, storage, etc.) are undoubtedly important. However, one detail you won’t want to overlook when deciding on web hosting is your server’s data center location. This refers to the exact building where your server hardware will be stored and maintained.

Data center location matters a lot more than you might realize. By having a better understanding of why the setting of your data center is important, you can make informed decisions regarding your hosting.

The Importance of Data Center Location

The physical location of your server’s data center can affect your website’s speed and latency. If your server is far away from its users, information and data will have to travel greater distances. For example, when someone visits a page on your website, their computer needs to communicate with your server to access your files, photos, and other information. That data is then transferred or downloaded from the server to their computer.

Unfortunately, when a data center is located far away from the user initiating the request, the process of obtaining files and data can be lengthy. Pages may take a while to load, and latency issues might arise. The result? Your visitors could get frustrated with slow speeds, which may prompt them to leave your site with no plans of returning.

It’s also worth noting that search engines take site speed and page-loading times into account when ranking sites for search engine optimization (SEO). With this in mind, choosing a far-away data center could damage your search engine rankings.

There are many tools available online, such a —-, to test the speed which a server in a data center will connect to a computer. Ask your hosting provider for the server’s — to perform this test before purchasing. There are a few reasons that speeds may lag, so it’s best to perform this test a few times on different days and times of the day. (Some routes between data centers and computers may be congested, like rush hour for the internet).

Choosing a Data Center Location

The good news is that many web hosting companies offer several data center locations to choose from. As you decide on a setting that’s best for your needs, consider the potential factors that could affect your site’s speed.

Great data centers were built to withstand the local weather. Natural disasters happen but at the end of the day, your servers should continue with as little interruption as possible. For example, data centers on the U.S. East Coast should be immune to damage from hurricanes and tropical storms. Without question, the data center should have multiple redundancies in place to ensure power, cooling, and heating are available at all times.

When deciding on a data center location, you’ll also want to think about where the majority of your traffic will be coming from. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible to anticipate. However, in the case of smaller companies that only operate in a specific region or state, it’s best to choose a data center that is located nearby.

Techvila’s Data Center Locations

Techvila is proud to offer excellent data center locations in three areas – usa, europe and asia. All of our data centers include 24/7 staffed security and surveillance, as well as other physical safety measures. This, combined with our 100% service level uptime agreements, gives users the peace of mind they need when choosing a web host.

Don’t underestimate the importance of data center location when it comes to speed, latency, and overall performance. Careful thought and consideration will go a long way when it comes to deciding on a setting that’s best for your needs. For more information, or to set up your web hosting plan, contact us!

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