How to fix parse_url(): Argument #1 ($url) must be of type string?

The error message “parse_url(): Argument #1 ($url) must be of type string,” suggests that you are encountering an issue while using the parse_url() function in your code. The error message indicates that the first argument you’re passing to the parse_url() function is expected to be a string, but it appears that the provided argument is not of the correct data type.

The parse_url() function in PHP is used to parse a URL and return its components as an associative array. Here’s the basic syntax of the parse_url() function:

parse_url(string $url, int $component = -1): mixed
  • $url: The URL to be parsed (a string).
  • $component (optional): Specifies which component(s) of the URL to return. This can be one of the predefined constants (PHP_URL_SCHEME, PHP_URL_HOST, PHP_URL_PORT, PHP_URL_USER, PHP_URL_PASS, PHP_URL_PATH, PHP_URL_QUERY, PHP_URL_FRAGMENT) or -1 (default) to return all components.

To fix the error you’re encountering, make sure that the variable you’re passing as the first argument to parse_url() is indeed a string containing a valid URL. Check if the variable is correctly assigned and contains the URL you intend to parse.

Here’s an example of correct usage:

$url = "";
$parsed = parse_url($url);

// Now you can access the individual components using the array keys
$scheme = $parsed['scheme'];
$host = $parsed['host'];
$path = $parsed['path'];
$query = $parsed['query'];
$fragment = $parsed['fragment'];

Ensure that the value you pass as the $url argument is a string representing a valid URL, and the error should be resolved. If you’re still facing issues, please our emergency support.

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