What is get_locale() in wordpress?

The get_locale() function is a built-in WordPress function that is used to retrieve the current locale or language code of the site. It returns the language code in the format of the ISO 639-1 standard (two-letter language code), optionally followed by the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard (two-letter country code). For example, “en” for English, “fr_FR” for French in France, or “es_ES” for Spanish in Spain.

This function is typically used to determine the language in which content should be displayed or to conditionally load language-specific resources such as translation files, date formats, or number formats.

Here’s an example of how to use the get_locale() function in WordPress:

$locale = get_locale();
echo "Current Locale: " . $locale;

Keep in mind that the locale is determined based on the site’s settings, which can be configured in the WordPress admin under Settings > General > Site Language. If the site language is not explicitly set, WordPress will try to determine the most appropriate locale based on the user’s browser settings and the available translations installed on the site.

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