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    Free Website Design for Internet Service Provider

    There are lots of internet service provider company in Bangladesh. Most of them have no website. Techvila is giving free website design with their web hosting packages for ISP company in Bangladesh. Design Name: Fastnet Design Description: Fastnet is a versatile free internet service provider website template that works for television, phone and streaming, too. […]

    Free design for digital agency website

    Template Name: Dup Description: Dup is a stunning looking and completely free creative digital agency website template. It will work well for agencies as well as small and local businesses website looking to showcase their brand in a beautiful manner. It has 3 unique pages built, so you can create pages using different styles. Demo […]

    Free Elementor Pro with Unlimited Web Hosting

    Techvila provides best web hosting for small business in Bangladesh. We not only provide hosting but provide all necessary add on to run your site immediately. We already announced that we will provide free wp rocket plugin with our unlimited web hosting plan. Here is our new offer: From now we will give elementor pro […]

    Tips for choosing a catchy business name

    Having a strong brand name gives you an immediate advantage when you’re first starting your business. As Marty Neumeier writes in The Brand Gap, “The right name can be a brand’s most valuable asset, driving differentiation and speeding acceptance. The wrong name can cost millions… in workarounds and lost income over the lifetime of the brand.” It’s […]

    Job board website design

    Template Name: Skillhunt Description: If you plan to start a job board web platform, Skillhunt is the free job search website template that will do you well. Avoid kicking your project off from the ground up, when you can take predefined web design to your total advantage. Skillhunt provides a professional and sophisticated layout which […]